12. Electrohomeopathy is a Complete Scientific System of Medicine

It is notified to all concerned that Electrohomeopathy is a complete scientific system of medicine. There is no bar on practice, research and imparting education in the field of Electrohomeopathy but still, the system is not recognized in any state of India except in the state of Rajasthan where recognition bill has been passed and Gazette notification has been done.
Count Mattei Electrohomeopathic Forum, West Bengal is formed only for the promotion, research, development and to spread this system of medicines in West Bengal and other states of India and abroad. As per its aims and objects we run a study center to impart education in the field of Electrohomeopathy to our members and provide completion certificate of the training courses by the “Board of Electrohomeopathic Education and Research” of our trust comprised of experts of different medical systems including Electrohomeopathy.
In India, there is no board or council formed by any Government which is authorized to issue any type of Practicing Registration Certificate on Electrohomeopathy.
The process of recognition is under the consideration of the Govt. of India.
The form fill-up of the membership will be started from 1st. December 2019, Sunday to 31st December 2019 (Tuesday).