Message from the Council President

Council of Mattei Research Institute and Medical Services (CMRIMS)
started its voyage in 2018 under the affiliation of The Institute of Rural
Health Awareness & Homeopathy (IRHAH) as its subsidiary organization.
All concerned persons know that Dr.Count Ceasare Mattei invented &
started the application of Electropathy for the wellbeing of mankind as the
Fifth Medical Science in the mid-sixties of 19th century. As the
Electropathy is very effective in treating diseases & very cost effective and
without side effects, IRHAH started CMRIMS as its subsidiary
organization to bring happiness to mankind. CMRIMS has now arranged
a certificate course in Electropathy and hopes to start a Diploma course
in Electropathy in future. Our motto is the service to mankind by making
the best medical practitioners in Electro Homeopathy through our
CMRIMS and by spreading Electro Homeopathy vanish human sufferings
from diseases at minimum cost so that a poor man can afford the benefit
of Electropathy.

Pulak Kumar Goswami
President : C.M.R.I.M.S
D.M.S.E.H, P.D.E.M (Electropathy)
M.D.H (Homeopathy), M.D.P.R.M
D.H.C (C.U), H.M (Hospital Management
Conducted by Govt. of India)
M.D (Programme on Quality in
Health Care Management,
Conducted by Govt. of India)